Flynt Gallagher


Flynt Gallagher heads Compensation Advisors in its mission of assisting clients in attracting, mFG-photo-Left-corner-webotivating and retaining personnel critical to achieving success. Mr. Gallagher brings considerable experience and expertise to his role of providing CA’s clients with comprehensive and effective support. He combines extensive knowledge of accounting and income tax matters related to community banks with years of experience within the financial services industry.

Mr. Gallagher has a strong history of assisting financial institutions.  His career began in the field of Public Accounting and continued for ten years while moving into manager and ultimately partner positions with a Regional firm before accepting the Tax Manager positions with Florida National Bank and its successor First Union National Bank. In this capacity, he the reviewed and developed compensation plans focused on retaining current and future wealth for executives of both large banks and community banks. Mr. Gallagher also worked with key clients of these banks on compensation, wealth management, income tax and related IRS issues. Subsequently, Mr. Gallagher established his own consulting firm and began offering these services to the banking community for the past twenty years.


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