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The data is in from our 2016 Bank Director Compensation Survey sponsored by Compensation Advisors.

In March, 262 bank directors, chief executive officers, senior executives and human resource officers responded to questions on topics including:

  • Executive Retirement and Succession
  • Attracting Talent
  • CEO, Executive, and Board Compensation.

The 2016 Bank Director Compensation Survey is comprised of fiscal year 2015 compensation data for CEOs and directors. Data was also collected from the proxy statements of 105 publicly traded banks.

The demise of training programs at the nation’s biggest banks, coupled with an aging Baby Boomer population, is resulting in what could be a mini-crisis for the banking industry. There aren’t enough commercial lenders, according to the bank executives and directors responding to the 2016 Bank Director Compensation Survey. Without skilled lenders, financial institutions will be hard-pressed to grow their revenue, since lending is still how many banks make most of their money.

download the report

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